The Secrets Of Successful Online Shoe Shopping

Shopping for shoes is always fun, but if you don’t have time to go store-hopping for the shoes you want, you’re better off buying them online. One of the things we love about shopping online is that you can do that from the comfort of your own home anytime. You don’t have to think about business hours, and you don’t have to fall in line for a salesperson to ring in your purchase.

Many people are hesitant to buy shoes online because they’re not sure whether it would fit them. You can try out all the shoes you want in stores, something you can’t really do when shopping online. That said, we’ve got some tips for you to help you buy shoes online, make sure they fit perfectly and get them at the best prices as well. Let’s begin!

Use discount codes when buying shoes

With discount codes, you won’t ever have to pay for shoes at full price. Voucher codes and discount coupons lead you to promos where shoes are being sold at reduced prices. If you’re big on bagging a bargain, look for discount codes for your favourite shoe brands and retailers to save some serious money.

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Check out size guides

You know how shoe shopping works, so you know you don’t have the same shoe size in different stores. If you’ve bought a pair of shoes that fit perfectly from one brand and you want to buy from them again, it’s safe to order a pair in the same size. However, if you’re buying shoes from another brand or retailer, check out the size chart they use first.

Every shoe retailer online should have a size chart that would guide customers in ordering. To determine what shoe size you should order, measure your foot. Take a blank sheet of paper, a ruler and a pencil. Step on the paper with your bigger foot and draw the outline. Then, measure the length of your foot from the heel to the toe and compare the measurement with the retailer’s size chart.

Try them on right away

When you have received the shoes you ordered, try them on carefully as soon as possible. If it’s a new retailer, there’s still a possibility the shoes might not fit. If this happens, take note of the correct shoe size and arrange for a return right away. The next time you’re ordering from that retailer, you know the right shoe size to order.

If it fits right from the start, then hooray! You’ve successfully ordered shoes online!




Where Can You Find Cheaper Footwear Online

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Nothing thrills us more than finding bargain footwear online, especially if the shoes help us emulate the styles of our favourite celebrities even without us having the celebrity budget. There are many footwear retailers offering great deals on shoes of various styles and colours, from ballet flats and wedge heels to ankle boots and platform pumps.

Of course, with that variety and all the clothes you have in your closet, you’d surely want to get your shoes at cheaper prices so you can have more pairs for every occasion and outfits to match. Good thing there many places where you can save when you buy shoes online. Here are some fab tips to get you started!

Retail shops

The world’s top footwear brands have their own online shopping platforms, but if you want to find cheaper shoes, don’t overlook emerging brands. Online shoe retailers offer different perks, including refund and exchange, customer loyalty points or reward schemes, free shipping and exclusive discounts for registered members.

One of our favourites is Public Desire, one of the hottest brands in the UK catering to young, hip and trendy fashionistas from all over the world. The company has hundreds of shoes in different colours and styles, and with great prices and the wide availability of Public Desire discount codes, you’ll surely come away with more than a couple of pairs to go with your outfits. Public Desire also conducts regular season and clearance sales, letting you buy shoes at a much cheaper price. To pick up voucher code for Public Desire then just click on this link to see what their latest deals are:

Clearance stores

Another place you can find cheaper footwear online are clearance outlets, where unsold brand-name shoes from boutiques and retail stores go. Because the point of clearance outlets are to clear stock, the items are priced unbelievably low. The discounts vary depending on brand and model, but you can also sign up for membership for additional savings.

One thing that can dampen your spirits however is that though you may find shoes to your liking, the store may not have it in your size, especially if you share the same shoe size with thousands of other customers. Nevertheless, you can get lucky!

Wholesale websites

There are also websites offering shoes at cheap prices, but only if you buy them wholesale, say, at least five pairs. To take advantage of these prices, it’s best to shop with friends or family members. Most, if not all websites selling wholesale shoes offer free shipping, so that’s definitely a plus.

Online auctions

Online auction sites such as eBay can also lead you to great bargains on shoes. Some items posted are new and never worn, while some were only worn once. The thing to note is that you’re limited to the size on the posted ad, which could be a bummer if you really like the shoes but they don’t come in your size.

With auction sites, you can either choose to buy the shoes right away at the price set by the seller or make a bid. If no one else tops your bid, then the shoes are yours, but if the bid price keeps getting higher and higher – especially if the shoes are a limited-edition model from a particular designer or brand – you might end up not saving at all, so bid and buy wisely!



Which Styles Are Coming In This Spring?

spring fashion

Winter seems to be the time when all you can wear are thick coats and woolly jumpers. Good thing that spring is just around the corner, when you can be more creative and playful when it comes to your clothing choices. But what to wear this spring?

Thanks to Fashion Week, we have an idea about which styles are coming this spring. Some of these looks you can easily pull off with items you probably already have in your closet, while others may require you to do some budget-savvy shopping. Gear up for spring’s top trends!


Crop tops are out, bralettes are in! One of the hottest trends in spring 2017 is the bralette, the ridiculously comfortable and pretty alternative to the crop top. The thin and lacy straps add a dainty elegance to it, while some designs can be flirty and sporty. Expect your favourite brands’ spring collections to have bralettes in various patterns, colours, shapes and sizes.


Denim never seems to go out of style, and it will definitely keep rockin’ on all throughout 2017. Denim has surely come a long way from being cowboys’ work clothes. Incredibly versatile, denim can be dressed up or down, letting you transition from laid-back to ultrasexy effortlessly.

Pointy toe, narrow heels

When it comes to shoe trends, spring 2017 will see narrow heels on pointed shoes. The chic pointed toe is perfect for those with narrow feet, but for those with wider feet, a more comfortable alternative are open-toe heels. Classic shoe silhouettes, ankle straps and a few embellishments here and there will make up many shoe collections this spring.


Stripes have always been around runways, but this spring they’re about to get brighter and bolder. Nothing as demure as pinstripes or pastel-coloured lines, this year stripes will be all about staking a claim on a big chunk of the fashion market. Be on the lookout for bright reds and thick lines – those will be hard to miss!

Hoodies and statement tees

Statement tees coupled with sporty hoodies will continue to be a hit for spring, with top labels such as Versace and Alexander Wang making their own sporty-street clothing. This style is a good transition from tight and cold winter wear to a more loose and casual look for spring.


Patchwork florals slowly creeped into runways last year, and it looks like the blooms will be back for spring 2017. You’ll see romantic patchwork in floaty dresses to collared blouses, perfect for femme styles and those who simply love spring.

Lone cold shoulder

The cold shoulder trend was a hit, and if your shoulders aren’t cold enough, it’s going to be followed up by a similar trend, albeit this one would only require one cold shoulder. This spring 2017, expect fashion houses and your favourite neighbourhood boutique to stock up on one-shoulder tops or dresses – yes, the very same things that people in the Eighties and early Nineties used to wear (sometimes even under denim jackets).

Those are just some of the trends we’ve seen on runways to herald what’s in for fashion lovers this spring. Which styles are you looking forward to wearing?