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Which Styles Are Coming In This Spring?

spring fashion

Winter seems to be the time when all you can wear are thick coats and woolly jumpers. Good thing that spring is just around the corner, when you can be more creative and playful when it comes to your clothing choices. But what to wear this spring?

Thanks to Fashion Week, we have an idea about which styles are coming this spring. Some of these looks you can easily pull off with items you probably already have in your closet, while others may require you to do some budget-savvy shopping. Gear up for spring’s top trends!


Crop tops are out, bralettes are in! One of the hottest trends in spring 2017 is the bralette, the ridiculously comfortable and pretty alternative to the crop top. The thin and lacy straps add a dainty elegance to it, while some designs can be flirty and sporty. Expect your favourite brands’ spring collections to have bralettes in various patterns, colours, shapes and sizes.


Denim never seems to go out of style, and it will definitely keep rockin’ on all throughout 2017. Denim has surely come a long way from being cowboys’ work clothes. Incredibly versatile, denim can be dressed up or down, letting you transition from laid-back to ultrasexy effortlessly.

Pointy toe, narrow heels

When it comes to shoe trends, spring 2017 will see narrow heels on pointed shoes. The chic pointed toe is perfect for those with narrow feet, but for those with wider feet, a more comfortable alternative are open-toe heels. Classic shoe silhouettes, ankle straps and a few embellishments here and there will make up many shoe collections this spring.


Stripes have always been around runways, but this spring they’re about to get brighter and bolder. Nothing as demure as pinstripes or pastel-coloured lines, this year stripes will be all about staking a claim on a big chunk of the fashion market. Be on the lookout for bright reds and thick lines – those will be hard to miss!

Hoodies and statement tees

Statement tees coupled with sporty hoodies will continue to be a hit for spring, with top labels such as Versace and Alexander Wang making their own sporty-street clothing. This style is a good transition from tight and cold winter wear to a more loose and casual look for spring.


Patchwork florals slowly creeped into runways last year, and it looks like the blooms will be back for spring 2017. You’ll see romantic patchwork in floaty dresses to collared blouses, perfect for femme styles and those who simply love spring.

Lone cold shoulder

The cold shoulder trend was a hit, and if your shoulders aren’t cold enough, it’s going to be followed up by a similar trend, albeit this one would only require one cold shoulder. This spring 2017, expect fashion houses and your favourite neighbourhood boutique to stock up on one-shoulder tops or dresses – yes, the very same things that people in the Eighties and early Nineties used to wear (sometimes even under denim jackets).

Those are just some of the trends we’ve seen on runways to herald what’s in for fashion lovers this spring. Which styles are you looking forward to wearing?